Repair Video File

Video files help you to recall your past memorable moments. The moments might be your child's first birthday, outing with family members, first foreign trip etc. However, there are certain situations where your video files may get corrupt. This might happen due to several reasons. But ultimately, it results in a huge loss of your memorable moments. If anything like this happens, what will you do? Moreover, you have tried a lot to fix the problem but you failed. A video devotee never wants to lose videos of his past memorable moments. Unlike other files, video files cannot be created again. Fortunately, there are some tools available over the internet which might help you in such conditions. Nevertheless, when it comes to repairing video files, Video File Repair software is an ultimate tool that fixes any type of video files with greater ease.

There are the several instances where video files of your unforgettable moments may get corrupt. Some of them are listed below.

  • Sometimes while recording videos, if you turn off the camcorder abruptly then the chances of output video file getting corrupt is pretty more.
  • There are some instances where the file system of storage drive may get corrupt or damage due to infection of macro viruses or malware and it directly throws impact on the video files stored on that drive.
  • Sometimes the file system of your computer may get corrupt due to various causes. If you try to fix the corrupted file system, due to some error the video files stored on the computer might get corrupt.
  • Sometimes while transferring the video files from computer to the memory card of the camcorder, if you suddenly pull out the card then the chances of video file corruption is more. Similar sort of issue appears on Mac based system, where AVI file becomes inaccessible.
  • There are some other reasons which might also result in video file corruption such as software conflicts, hardware failure, unexpected system shutdown etc.

In order to avoid corruption to AVI, DIVX or XVID video files, its always recommended to take regular backup of all your important video files. The legitimate backup might serve you whenever video files of your memorable moment get corrupt. You can also save your backup files to any of the external storage drives.

Even after taking the precautionary measures, there are some instances where the video files may get damaged. If any video file of your memorable moment gets corrupt, no need to lose your hope. No matter how the video file gets corrupt, Video Repair tool will fix the corrupted video files in no time. This tool has a strong inbuilt algorithm, which analyses and repairs the corrupted tracks of video files.

Unique features of Video File Repair Tool

  • Facilitates to save the repaired or fixed video files to any of your storage drives which can be accessed through a computer.
  • Provides an advanced option to repair XVID files, DIVX files and AVI videos of any size.
  • This video file fixer software doesn't compromise with video quality which originally used to be.
  • Provides quick and simple option to repair DIVX file so that even a new computer user can use this tool without any complications.

A few simple steps to repair video files

Step 1: Download and install the Video File Repair tool . Run the tool and open its first window, then select the corrupted video file which you want to repair and click on "Repair" option to start the repair process as shown in figure 1.

Video File Repair - Select Video

Figure 1: Select Video

Step 2: Once the repair process finishes, you can preview the repaired video file as shown in figure 2.

Video File Repair - Preview Video

Figure 2: Preview Video

Step 3: Finally, save the repaired video file by clicking on "Save" option as shown in figure 3.

Video File Repair - Save Video

Figure 3: Save Video

Recent Updates

Recently, Video File Repair tool is upgraded to repair broken AVI video files in different circumstances. If your essential AVI video is broken on your Mac computer do not lose your hope, you can use this application to fix those videos. If you need more assistance to repair that corrupted video file, you can follow this link:

You may find your favourite video files not opening or unplayable with error message, because of some corruption issues. Now it is not a big problem if you have advanced updated version of this software. It is exclusively launched with powerful repair mechanism for fixing video file errors and make the file playable again.

You can now use this software to repair different video file formats such as MOV, AVI and MP4 with great ease. For information regarding damaged AVI file repair process you can refer this page.