Perfect Way to Fix Corrupt Xvid Files

Corruption of XVID videos stored in data storage drive is quite common with most of the users. Since most of the users store their favorite movies in XVID video file format, corruption of those precious XVID files is really frustrating. Also, its known fact that digital XVID files are not so easy to create again. But it is easy to fix your corrupted or damaged XVID files. In case, if the XVID files are corrupted, then here is the feasible way to fix corrupt video files by using the Video File Repair tool.

When it comes to entertainment, movies are an inseparable part of life since olden days. Nowadays, you can carry the movies in portable storage drives and watch them on computers or laptops. Since the XVID is most widely used file format for movies of high clarity, chances of corruption of XVID files has also become common. It is really frustrating for a movie buff to lose his favorite XVID movies. But the good news is that you can easily fix them using some repair video file tool.

Before going to how to repair XVID files, let us walk through some common scenarios where your favorite video files may get corrupt, which might also help you in the future.

Video file corruption indicates that there are some missing tracks from the complete file. While playing an XVID video file, if the media player comes across any error with a series of tracks, it fails to play and throws an error message indicating that the video file is damaged. Video File Repair tool finds such erroneous tracks and repairs them with the use of its inbuilt functions.

This XVID video file repair tool supports AVI repair on Mac and Windows-based computers. It is built with advanced repair algorithms which analyzes the corrupted or damaged video file and repair it within a few seconds. Moreover, it supports DIVX file repair on different storage drives which can be accessed through a computer. The software can perform XVID video repair on both Windows and Mac OS environment. Using this smart mechanism you can fix XVID file on all latest Windows systems. In order to estimate the efficiency of this XVID repair tool, you can even download the demo version and fix corrupt XVID video files in order to check the results. After repairing the corrupted XVID files in the demo version, you can view repairs videos in either File Type View or Data View.

Simple steps to repair XVID files

Step1: Download and install Video File Repair software on your system and open its welcome screen as shown in figure A. Select the corrupt XVID file which you want to fix and click on "Repair" tab to initiate the repair process.

Repair XVID Files - Main Screen

Figure A: Main Screen

Step 2: Check the status of the XVID file repair process as shown in figure B.

Repair XVID Files - Repair Progress

Figure B: Repair Progress

Step 3: Once the XVID file repair process finishes, you can preview the repaired XVID file as shown in figure C.

Repair XVID Files - Preview XVID File

Figure C: Preview XVID File