Corrupted DivX File Repair Software

DIVX video file format is known for delivering high clarity audio and video output and therefore it accumulates large storage space depending upon its compression techniques. It is well known fact that large video files are highly vulnerable to corruption as they occupy larger sections of the storage drive. Sometimes, video player fails to play the video and audio stream of a DIVX file simultaneously. This must be due to DIVX file corruption. In such instances, you are definitely in a fix and it will elevate your disquiet when you come to know that you don’t have backup of your favorite DIVX video files. Only a professional DIVX video file fix tool will help you in such circumstances.

Videos are incredible files which you never want to mislay, because you can re-create your text files, and other files, but digital videos are something which cannot be created again. Unfortunately like other digital media files, videos are also prone to corruption. This happens due to different reasons such as camcorder firmware corruption, virus attack during file transfer, low battery of camcorder etc, but from now onwards no need to fret about your videos. You can repair divx file by using Video File Repair tool. Irrespective of the reason, this tool helps you to fix DIVX files of any size. To know how it repairs damaged DIVX files visit

There are numerous reasons for corruption of DIVX video files. Some of the most common reasons are listed as below.

In order to avoid corruption of your favorite DIVX video files, it's strongly recommended to maintain regular backup of your DIVX files. Furthermore, use updated antivirus software to avoid infection of viruses and malware to your computer.

Even after taking the preventive measures, if you end up with corruption of your favorite DIVX video files, no need to lose your hope. You can fix corrupt video files at your fingertips by using DIVX file repair tool. This tool comes up with free demo version. It will help you to repair DivX video filles and check the efficiency of the file repair process. After it completes scanning and repairing corrupted divx file, you are allowed to preview the repaired files before restoring them at your desired location. Along with the DIVX files, this tool also supports AVI repair on Mac and Windows based computers. It facilitates to preview the repaired DIVX video files. You can also use this tool to fix XVID files stored on various drives like hard drives, iPods, memory sticks,USB drives etc. Apart from that, this utility has an important feature to fix different types of broken video files. If any of your vital video is broken and you cannot use that file, then you can take advantage of this tool to repair it. You can use this app to fix DIVX video file errors with this app after a click on

Steps to repair DIVX file

Step1: Download Video File Repair tool and install it on your system, open the main window, then select the damaged DIVX video and click on "Repair" tab to start the repair process as shown in fig 1.

Repair DIVX File - Select DIVX File

Fig 1: Select DIVX File

Step 2: Check the progress of the DIVX file repair process, In case if you wish to terminate it click on "Cancel" option as shown in below fig 2.

Repair DIVX File - File Repair Process

Fig 2: File Repair Progress

Step 3: Once the repair process accomplishes, you can preview the repaired DIVX file as shown in fig 3.

Repair DIVX File - Preview DIVX File

Fig 3: Preview DIVX File