Repairing Broken Video Files

All of us want to recall the wonderful moments of our life in the future. For this purpose, most of people capture videos of these valuable moments and store them carefully. After that, you may face some situations when you are trying to open a video but you cannot do it. This heartbreaking situation occurs when the video file is broken. Then you must think about how to fix a broken video on your computer. In that case, you have to use the third-party tool to overcome this data crisis. Therefore, don't think too much just employ this efficient Video File Repair utility to make your video healthy and playable. This application is very efficient to repair broken videos in various circumstances. Let us take a closer look at frequently happened scenarios and see how this program resolves them.

Video files are broken due to continuous change of the file format. Sometimes, few files are incompatible to a particular media player and it is not playable to that player. Then, you may try to make it playable in that media player by changing the file format. If any interruption occurs at the time of changing the file format, the video file will be broken. Then, to repair that broken video file easily, you have to use this file repair program. It repairs broken video without hampering the quality of it. Video files may be broken due to abrupt shut down of the system when video file is running or if it is closed forcibly due to power failure. Then you can fix the broken video files by using this efficient application within a few clicks.

Your video files get corrupted due to faulty firmware issue. Sometimes, camera and camcorders are made with a faulty firmware. If you capture videos using these cameras you will get broken videos and obviously, they will be unplayable in any media player. After that, you can easily make those corrupted videos playable if you employ this advanced tool on Windows operating system. Excluding this reason, the video file may be broken if it is stored on the bad sectors of the hard drive. If you store any file on the bad sectors, it leads to the file header corruption and you cannot access those files. Then you should use this advanced file repair tool to get a satisfactory result.

Apart from this, a video file is broken due to improper downloading. If your video file is downloaded improperly, some of the information will be missing in that file. It results in the video file broken. But, you can utilize this application to mend XVID files, DIVX, MOV and other different types of the broken video files after this broken. With the aid of this broken video file repair software, one can repair video file errors with ease after a click on This tool will be also useful if any video file is broken due to virus infection. It has the ability to repair different multimedia files like iPhoto, iTunes, QuickTime videos etc. Video repair software has some more useful features in fixing broken video files. With file repair on Windows, it can fix different types of broken videos on Mac OS X Lion, Snow Leopard, Mountain Lion, Yosemite, Mavericks, El Capitan, Sierra, etc. if you need to repair broken AVI videos on Mac you can use this link:

Perform these few steps to repair broken video files:

Step1: Download and launch the Video Repair application on your system. On the home screen, you have to "Browse" the broken video file you have to repair. Then click on "Repair" button to initiate the fixing process as shown in Fig A.

How to Fix a Broken Video - Select Broken Video

Fig A: Home Screen

Step 2: After the completion of the repair process, a preview window will appear. Here you can click on "Preview" option to view the repaired video file before save as shown in Fig B.

How to Fix a Broken Video - Preview Window

Fig B: Preview Fixed Video

Step 3: Then if you want to save the repaired video file you have to click on the "Save" option and then select a location for saving as shown in Fig C.

How to Fix a Broken Video - Save File

Fig C: Save File