Broken AVI Video File Repair on Mac

AVI is a very popular video file format supported by various media players. There are so many electronic gadgets that support AVI videos to play on and for this reason, most of the people are familiar to this video file. Mac users, as it offer a high-quality video compared to any other video file format, often prefers this type of video file. In some circumstances, this AVI video file on Mac machine is broken and become unplayable. Then, some query like 'how to repair broken AVI videos on Mac may arise in your mind. Here you will get an appropriate resolution of your queries. Use of an effective Video File Repair software is the only way to repair corrupt AVI video file on Mac machine. This utility is specially designed to overcome various type of AVI video file corruption instances easily.

Let us take a quick look at frequent reasons behind corruption of AVI files:

You can get rid of these uncomfortable situations very easily using this Video File Repair software. This application is developed to repair broken AVI videos on Mac machine in a unique way. It repairs video and audio streams of that file separately and adjoins them after repair. Using this application, you can fix severely corrupted and damaged AVI, DIVX and XVID files without further damage. You can employ this application to fix damaged video files on Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7, 10.8. After repairing a broken video files on Mac, it permits you to preview all the fixed AVI files in File Type View in the trial version itself. Apart from fixing the broken AVI files on Mac machine, it also fixes the broken AVI files on various versions on Windows operating system. If you need to fix broken AVI video on Windows PC, follow this link:

Steps to Repair Broken AVI Videos on Mac-

Step 1: Download and install this application on the machine. After launching it, "Browse" broken AVI video file and click on the "Repair" button to start the repair process on the main screen.

How to Repair Broken AVI Videos on Mac - Select Broken Video

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step 2: When the repair operation will be completed, you can click on the "Preview" option to view repaired AVI video before save.

Fix a Broken Video - Preview Window

Fig 2: Preview Window

Step 3: In this window, you can "Save" repaired video in your desired location as shown in Fig C.

Fix Damaged Video Files on Mac - Save File

Fig 3: Save File